CAESAR old projects

Engineering Analysis Core Model

This is a suite of modules within the STEP modular framework that can be used to record information about an engineering problem. The modules support a wide range of different disciplines (structural, thermal, CFD) and a wide range of different analysis approaches (finite elements, finite difference, finite volume, lumped parameter).

The EACM supports the definition of the engineering problem, test results, and analysis results.

New ISO 10303 Integrated Resouces

New integrated resources are being developed for ISO 10303 (STEP - STandard for the Exchange of Product data) to support the requirements of engineering analysis. These resources are:

part 51, Mathematical description
This part adds meaning for the mathematical objects defined in part 50 'Mathematical constructs' so that they can be used to describe variations of properties with respect to space, time and state.
part 107, FEA definition relationships
This part links finite element section properties, analysis steps, states and results to the STEP product structure backbone. The links allow finite element data to be accessed via a PDM system, just like any other product data.
part 5c, Classification and set theory
This part supports the definition of a class library and the classification of an object with respect to a class library. A class library can be a library of product types or designs; standard procedures or activities; or properties.


NAFEMS benchmarks

A pilot project has been carried out to demonstrate the publication of the NAFEMS benchmarks as AP 203 and AP 209 files.

The results of this project and the sample AP 203 and AP 209 files can be downloaded.

EPISTLE documents

Documents supporting the work of EPISTLE (European Process Industry STEP Technical Liaison Executive) are as follows:

A discussion of the relationship between STEP, EPISTLE and the Resource Description Framework developed for the Semantic Web.
ERDL working format
A specification of a publication format for the EPISTLE Reference Data Library.