Reference data for SMEs



Using reference data to publish computer readable information on the Web


A guide for SMEs in the environmental sector


Reference data for SMEs

Description of the course

The course explains the use of standard reference data on the Web.

Different types of reference data are described, including:

  • vocabularies of generic terms (e.g. "part of", "made of", "model");
  • catalogues of standard parts provided by manufacturers or suppliers;
  • dictionaries of materials and chemicals (e.g. as identified by a CAS registry number)
  • vocabularies of generic object types (e.g. "tank", "pipe", "valve");
  • dictionaries of property types (e.g. "mass when empty", "supply voltage".

Sources of reference data are described and the way to make computer interpretable reference.


  1. Types of reference data: an overview of the types of reference data (vocabularies, catalogues and dictionaries), and how they are used

  2. Sources for reference data: a description of reference data defined by international standards (e.g. ISO 15926 "Lifecycle data for process plant", ISO 14048 "Life cycle assessment", ISO 13584 "Parts libraries"); by trade associations (e.g CAS registry); and by suppliers

  3. A case study: a demonstration of the RDL (Reference Data Library) server provided by the POSC-CAESAR Association for the reference data in ISO 15926-4.

Beneficiaries of the course

This course is aimed at those concerned with e-business within the environmental sector. The course deals with the way in which websites publish information and how it is used, and is equally relevant to those specifying the business practice and those implementing it by constructing websites.

The course is not concerned with website programming or computer languages.

Length of time

about 3 hours



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Magne Valen-Sendstad


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