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DEPUIS: Reference data on the Web   Date: 2007-10-16

Reference data on the Web

This document has been produced within the EU Innova project "Design of Environmental-friendly Products Using Information Standards DEPUIS, contract nunber: FP6-031149. The contribution from the EU is gratefully acknowledged.

The copyright of this document is owned by CAESAR Systems Limited. This document is a public deliverable of the DEPUIS project and may be freely reproduced.

This document explains how information about products and services, including environmental information, can be published on the Web using reference data which is also published on the Web.

The publishing of the information requires no expenditure on software tools. Instead the information can be represented by simple RDF/OWL files, created by hand and validated by public domain software. The major difficult faced by SMEs will be finding adequate reference data.

Once information has been published in this form, simple software can be used to collate information published about different products and services.

reference data, ontology, Web, SME, environment

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