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1 Introduction
2 Simple examples of reference data
3 Simple application using reference data

4 Lifecycle assessment for an individual house
A Lifecycle assessment ontology
B URI assigned to a thing by an ISO standard

1 Introduction

1.1 What is reference data?

Reference data is a thing defined by somebody else to which you refer.

EXAMPLE 1 The metre is reference data. You make reference to the metre in order to specify a length.

EXAMPLE 2 The UK Ordnance Survey Grid is reference data. You make reference to the Ordnance Survey Grid in order to specify a position within the UK.

EXAMPLE 3 "Heat exchanger" as defined by ISO/TS 15926-4 is reference data. You make reference to "heat exchanger" in order to specify what an equipment item is.

This course is about computerised reference data. To be useful for a computer, a reference data item must have a unique identifier.

This course is about reference data published on the Web. Hence:

NOTE If reference data is not available on the Web, then it may as well not exist.

1.2 What reference data is available on the Web?

In October 2007, the answer is very little. If this situation is going to persist, then there is little reason in running or attending this course. However, this course is based upon a bet that the situation will change.

Running this course is also part of helping the situation to change.

Simple examples of reference data are shown in Simple examples of reference data. These examples are brought together into a simple application in Simple application using reference data.

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