Web services for SMEs



An introduction to the REST approach to web services


A guide for SMEs in the environmental sector


Web services the easy way

Description of the course

This course explains the use of the web service approach REST (REpresentational State Transfer). The philosophy behind the approach is sophisticated, but its implementation is simple and intuitive.

The course explains how an SME can use the REST approach to provide information about its products, services, and sites. In simple cases, this informaton can be generated by hand without the use data base applications.


  1. What are web service for: an overview of the possible uses of web services for SMEs in the environmental sector

  2. Web service implementation: an overview of alternative approaches to web service implementation

  3. A REST implementation: the use of a REST approach to web services illustrated by examples from the environmental sector.

Beneficiaries of the course

This course is aimed at those concerned with e-business within the environmental sector. The course deals with the way in which websites publish information and how it is used, and is equally relevant to those specifying the business practice and those implementing it by constructing websites.

The course is not concerned with website programming or computer languages.

Length of time

about 1.5 hours



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